Djoke Hoogland

Amsterdam is a nice place to live and work. I would like to make that possible for you too.

Are you looking for a new house, an investment, commercial real estate or do you want to sell? I like to help you to make the right decision.

ViaDjo is my real estate agency, situated in the centre of Amsterdam. I have been working in the area of real estate in Amsterdam since 2007.  I work as a real estate broker or on own developments. I am experienced in both, the private sector as the commercial area and have studied economics at the University of Amsterdam.

Let me buy you a new house in Amsterdam!

I have been living in Amsterdam for 25 years and I know the city very well. I can tell you about the different neighbourhoods, price levels and I am up to date on new local developments. First we decide on budget and strategy for buying on this difficult market. The Amsterdam real estate market is very hot. A lot of people like to live and work in Amsterdam, but much less properties are being offered. Succes can only be reached by focus, personal attention and good communication. Together we look through offered houses, go to viewings and we discuss the right bid. If you have very little time for viewings, I can do the first one to check if it is an option.

I’d like to help you to make the right decision.

Full guidance up to the handover of the keys [10-step principle]. I work on a fixed price or hourly basis. Depending on your wishes!

Sell your house in this ‘seller-market’?

Ready to sell your valuable house in Amsterdam? This won’t be difficult in this market. There are many people who are looking for a new place and prices are still going up.
I will guide you from the initial interview all the way to the final signature from your property’s buyer. I can provide you with the latest transaction-data and together we will make the best deal for you.

Full guidance up to the handover of the keys [10-step principle]. I work on a fixed price or on a percentage from selling price.  Depending on your wishes!

Investing in Amsterdam properties

Do you own an apartment or a whole building or do you want to buy real estate to have an income out of it? I will calculate your possible revenu and can advise you on local rules. Amsterdam has its own regulations and you have to deal with the Dutch tenancy laws.
A custom-made overview of your return of investment, publication of your house on the popular rental sites and a rental agreement with a reliable tenant! Like I’m your personal adviser. 

What people say

I recently made my second real estate investment. This was an exciting decision. Djoke Hoogland helped me really well, analysing possible return on investment and making the right choices. I would like to work  with her again in future.

Pieter Hoogland.

We have had a fantastic broker, choosing Djoke Hoogland. With business knowledge in both the search and negotiation-if the shutdown process. She worked quickly and appropriately in all stages and maintained good contact with us. In the heat of the battle she kept the overview and stayed calm so we could make the right decisions. Through her we had within the house we wanted within three weeks. And not unimportant; Djoke is just also very nice.


Djoke Hoogland has helped us very well. She understood what we wanted and moved in with her advice in our position. She served our interests. Both in the formation of our choice if in the determination of the offer price. Within a week we found and bought a new place and paid – thanks to Djoke – over less than we thought we had to offer. She earned more than its fee back .

Frits Verheijden

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